Friday, February 28, 2014

I Found It !!!!!!!!!!!!

I look all week every week, and then I find it! Friday!!!! Yep, it has arrived. Play time is upon us, bicycles and beer. Good times all around. I have said it before and will again, "if you show up to work on Monday all happy and not worn out, you just wasted a weekend".

You only get 52 of them a year. Don't waste them!!! Tonight we are gonna try something a little different. The wife and I are gonna head to Pineville and park. Then take the light rail downtown and find some where to eat, then take a little walk around and see what's happening. Charlotte has a light rail line that's been there for several years and we have never even tried it.

You tend to get stuck in a rut, doing the same things and never stepping out of your box. We live in the country and Monroe is the closest town to us. Now it has a full range of restaurants and about everything you need. As in now we find we never go to Charlotte anymore. We used to live in Matthews and spent all our time in Charlotte, now we never do.

                                                          I miss that!

Even the wife seems excited, when she's happy the house is happy and everything is right! Happy wife happy life....... Best advice I every heard............. LOL

Yes I am riding this weekend, tomorrow a road ride and Sunday I am thinking I might need to get out the mountain bike. I guess I enjoyed it the other night, since then I have been thinking about heading somewhere to ride. Maybe Uhwarrie maybe somewhere else....

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