Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All Is Well,,,,,,,,,,,,

In the tax world anyway, I knew it would be. It is every year! For some reason I still dread filling my taxes. I guess it has to do with being self employed for 6 years. I hated tax time back then, I was always in the hole and had to pay. So I would file extensions and drag it out forever.

Now it's pretty simple, I have no need to worry but I still do. Maybe one of these days I will get over it and get used to tax time. It's really no big deal. I was in, I was out! E-file and the refund (small refund lol) is on the way.

Enough about that, the bike is loaded and the car id packed! I don't really want to ride the mountain bike but that's what I am gonna do. I want to be outside playing and the road just don't work with the sun setting. Beatty park is on my way to the house today. I can ride right up till dark and get in a good workout!

As I said, two weeks and I will be on the road as much as I can take. At that point I hope to get up to at least 150 miles a week. It's gonna be a good summer! Plus I have a vacation coming up in a few months! We are gonna head to the mountains again. Right now we are kinda fond of Asheville and plan to head back.

I am looking forward to the biking and Karen is looking forward to the shopping. We never go anywhere in the spring so this is gonna be a first for us. We are usually a mid summer end of summer type vacationers. This will be a first!

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