Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Round 2 ,,,,,,,,,,

Yesterday was round 1, now we are starting "Round 2". As I am typing this it just started snowing again. We got about 2 inches yesterday it's still on the ground. Today we are supposed to get another 3-6inches and then it turns to sleet and then ice.

I could do without the ice but it's coming so it is what it is. The kids and I where over at the church last light till about 10, one other family was there but that was it. We had fun sledding and are gonna head back over there today. The wife had to work, I took her in at 7am and we are closed at the lumber yard.

About the time she gets home today it should be about perfect for sledding again! We have our fingers crossed. It will probably be better than last night! Winter in the south is here again. It's really kinda comical. When I say everything closes I mean everything.

People just don't drive in it enough down here to get used to it. The roads are clear and there is no traffic out at all. They are telling people to stay home and off the roads. When I used to drive the truck I spent so much time up north, it's just funny the difference.

Life carries on in New York and everywhere else when it snows. But you cross that Virginia line and life stops!!!!

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