Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Maybe ???????????

Here we are again, they are calling for snow! We had flurries last night and again this morning. They have already said the kids are getting out of school at 12 and it's supposed to start snowing any time. I have heard we could get 2-12 inches, it just depends on what channel you listen too.

I have my fingers crossed! Like I said a few weeks ago, the sleds are ready all we need is snow on the hill. The church behind us will be full of people if it does happen. It's funny, we had 60 plus on Sunday and here we are back down to the low 30's.

                                I love the south!!!

The shelves are already clear, the stores where packed last night. I didn't dare swing by there, I knew better. On the way home I noticed the parking lot was full! I mean full too. Not just busy,, full!! We are prepared, by that I mean the cars have gas. If we need anything I will go get it, that's my plan! Simple and precise, works every time!

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