Saturday, February 1, 2014

Red Rider Strikes Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes my kids have had BB guns since they where like 3 years old. They learned how to be responsible and know how to use them. Some kids just don't ever learn though!

First of all thank goodness he's alright, it could have been a lot worse! My buddy Kelly was out for a ride yesterday afternoon, rolling along minding his own business when 2 teenage high school kids came up behind him and shot him in the back with a BB gun!

Yes he got the tag and yes the cops have already found them. They found them about 10 minutes after it happened. Kelly got the tag number and the cops went straight to the kids house. Of course one told on the other and they were caught!

Here's where it gets crazy! The EMT guys said your OK and sent him on his way. When Kelly got home and got cleaned up he never found the BB. It went through his clothes and he had bled but they didn't think the BB was in his back.

Well my wife being the nurse he came over and had her look at it. After about 10 minutes of digging she removed the BB from his back!!!!! No kidding!!!!! He stood there and took the pain like a man, she had to cut him open and find it! I couldn't believe it.

The BB finally popped out and hit the floor! It was crazy....

About a year ago I got nailed in the back of the head with a full cup of soda and ice at 55 miles an hour! Now Kelly has been shot! What the hell........

Riding a bike can be dangerous I guess.

Both times it was kids being stupid............ Parents need to do a better job of being parents!

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