Friday, January 31, 2014

Am I About To Snap ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sometimes I wonder! This week has drawn out for like 12 days now, I dream about sunshine and warm temps. I try to embrace the snow and with that comes cold. If I am getting snow I can tolerate the cold, no snow. Well I am sick of the cold. It's been bone cold long enough.

It's time to get back to the typical Charlotte NC type winters that made like this place to begin with! Right now I am tempted to move. I might need to learn a new language to fit in but the further south the better it sounds right now! I absolutely hate having a worthless day off in the middle of the week. That's what makes for such a long week.

Especially when the day off we get is worthless. If I could have went and played in some snow it would have been worth while. But I didn't and it wasn't.......

Today it's gonna be like 52 degrees, that's a start. Saturday and Sunday will be mid fifties, almost 60. Then Mon. Tue. Wed. it's gonna rain, again! The wife and I are gonna head to Statesville Sunday, we need to hit the camper store. Plus it's gonna be the warmest since she got her new car and she wants to ride with the top down. Whatever makes her happy! That leaves me tomorrow to do what ever I want.

I got a new Bicycling magazine last night. In it I read that the average cyclist can ride 3 times the longest distance he has every ridden without really falling apart. If that's true I should be able to ride at least 180 miles at a pop. If it warms up soon enough I plan to test that out! I have my new road bike and so far it has about a hundred miles on it. I need to bump that up.

Besides the woods are way to wet for the mountain bike, and after the rain for the first half of next week it might be a month before I can get in the woods.......

I need tomorrow, sunshine and ride time. Before I snap!!!!!!!!!!!!

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