Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just Like A Kid !!!!!!!!!!

It was so warm when I got home yesterday I even cleaned the gutters so I could be outside! After that I road my bike to the store for beer. I didn't even want any beer but it seemed like a good excuse to ride the bike. Plus I was out of beer!

As I was headed home yesterday I knew what I needed to get at the store but I decided to wait and go on my bike. You see I have the Specialized Cross bike I never ride and it needs ridden. Either that or somebody needs to give me $500.00 bucks for it. Since nobody is beating a path to my wallet I am gonna ride it.

                              As I said I went to the store, "Just Like A Kid".

I even rode without a helmet! Yes I should have worn it but ya know how long we road as kids and did just fine. The world is to over protective now. I rode down the back road about as slow as you can go without falling over. I could have went faster but I didn't want to. I just wanted to enjoy being outside, I had shorts on and it was 70 degrees.

                                                                 70 degrees!!!!

After a snow storm this time last week it was freakin great! I strolled along and took deep breaths and enjoyed the moment. I even went through the church parking lot and went around the building. Why? For no reason at all! It was great! Once I got to the store I hung out and chatted with Mike for a few minutes and then headed back. I managed to make a 4 mile round trip take almost an hour!

I barely made it back by dark. It didn't matter if I beat darkness, but I didn't have any lights with me. I need to put some on that bike. Especially since it's gonna be my commuter now. Yep as part of my new life style change. I can be in downtown Monroe in 15 minutes pedaling. I only have to get on one major road for a quarter mile. Then I work my way up the side roads. Yes I ride the same roads for the most part but it's funny how my wife's mind works.

I can get on my fast road bike and take off for hours and tell her what roads I took and she says nothing! But I get on my commuter with regular shorts on and she says "be careful". Just thought that was funny.....

Anyhow I need to mail a few things today, I left them on the kitchen counter. I plan to ride to town tonight. I have a rack and bags on this bike and it's worth a few extra miles a week. Why not I feel like a kid when I ride that bike. I even stop and check things out.      "Just Like A Kid"

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