Monday, February 24, 2014

Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weekend! 92.3 miles total. 5200ft of climbing. 3900 calories burned. That's a good weekend of riding, I got in the hard ride Saturday. Then yesterday I hit the road for a "easy" ride and damn if it didn't turn out to be tough! I should have known as I was easily pedaling along at 20 miles an hour that the wind was pushing me.

But no I had my mind on other things! I paid the price when I did the U-turn. I went from the house out to Olive Branch on hwy 218. I had a route planned but nothing I wanted to do. When I got there I decided I didn't want to do my route so I did a road I had not done before. Figured I would keep with the theme from the day before. Trying new roads.

I had a general idea where it went so I headed back toward Marshville. Immediately I could tell the ride home was gonna be tough! It was too.... At some points I was pedaling hard and only going 10 miles an hour. Then through in a few hills and it was tough.

I just lowered my head and kept pedaling. I didn't try to kill myself and it turned out to be a good follow up for the day before. When I got home I had done more than planned and I still felt pretty good. I only had 38.5 miles but they where good ones. If I keep this up on the weekends and then start doing a few rides during the week it won't be long before I will be back up to top speed.

Plus I am still doing well with my new eating program  and I am happy with the progress on that end. It won't be long before I will get to the 20 pounds lost mark. That's when I will really be able to tell where I am going.............

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