Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Little Test.....................

With the weather lately the mountain has hung in the garage for a while now. It doesn't really matter, I got my new road bike and I have been enjoying it anyway. I have no plans to hit the woods until the trails are nice and sweet again. Why play in the mud when you damn sure don't have too.

The only draw back to being a roadie here lately is the time it gets dark. Right now it seems like I am only getting out about once a week. I am getting some short rides in going to town but they aren't very long. This week I had my Sunday ride and 2 trips to the store, total on that, 8 miles.

Well Kelly has been getting in around 150 miles a week! His schedule is a lot different than mine. He works weekends usually only and I work 5 days a week. He actually had a total of 200 plus miles after our ride yesterday for the week! Point is I knew it was gonna be a test for me yesterday when I said lets ride.

We met at Unionville and headed toward Locust. We ended up going to Stanfield then Oakboro then New Salem and back to Unionville. Total 54 miles and 3300 foot of climbing! Average speed of 17 plus miles an hour! It was a great ride, I held my own and kept up.

He showed me a few new roads and I showed a few to him. We chatted and climbed and flew down a few hills here and there. One of those good rides, the kind you can't wait to do again. Top speed for the day ended up being 42 miles an hour! Not bad.

I was beat when I got home I will tell ya that! I didn't bonk but I was close. It's fun to push yourself past your comfort zone once and  a while. I could have done the same mileage by myself I just wouldn't have done it at the same rate of speed. I would have been a lot slower by myself. Although I feel like it was a good measure of things to come.

I keep working on the weight and the speed will be there. I can see that already. I can't wait to get back in top riding form. I am getting just a few glimpses into what it was like to be fast again and I like it! It's been a while since I would consider myself fast, but I can start to see it! It's only a few training rides and 20 pounds away.......

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