Monday, February 10, 2014

Now I Remember !!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year I didn't make it down south at all. South being parking in Pageland SC and riding from there. For several years Cody and I used to ride down there, to me it wasn't gonna be the same without him. So last year I didn't even go one time. I did all my riding around the house.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to go south. It was a beautiful day the temps where perfect! I have my new bike and I really wanted to do some climbing. I wanted to try out my new low gears. Yes we have hills around the house but not very many that are as step and long as you can find down that way. Plus down there if you go the right direction you have one hill after another. Step long ones not just short climbs.

I was not disappointed! I Rode from Pageland down to Kershaw and got a bite to eat. From there I just made a U-turn and headed right back to Pageland, I threw in one side road with a monster climb on it and made it back to Pageland. Total 43.2 miles and a little over 2000ft of climbing. Two hours and 55 minutes of moving time. Average of 14.2 miles an hour.

The steepest climb I had all day was 10.9 percent! That ain't no joke! It was about 10 miles from the finish, it was on the side road. It's actually the old 601, they closed it about 30 years ago when they built the new road. It's really step on both sides of the valley and it winds down one side (it's the old road), then crosses the river and climbs straight up the other side. The old road is gone on that side but it still ties back into the new road. If it weren't for the few houses on the road it would be closed altogether.

Few as in 2 that's it! You have to slow down to a crawl to cross the bridge, it's that rough. I doubt it's had any maintenance since the new road was built. Back in the day I would have hated to have to drive that road! Two cars couldn't cross the bridge at the same time much less two trucks! It's that narrow.. Of course there was no traffic on that road.

Overall the traffic was really light. I had forgotten how well traffic works with you down there. The roads are on the wide side and cars seem to go out of the way to pass you with plenty of room. Even on 601 where the speed limit is 55 I have no problems riding.

I am talking about 601 south after Pageland toward Kershaw. A lot of people get confused about that 601 turns right in Pageland. It does not go to the beach. 151 goes to the beach from Pageland, it's the four lane road. That's not the one I am talking about.

Yes I did a lot of reminiscing about having Cody along for the ride even though he wasn't. Maybe one day he will get back to pedaling but for now I am on my own. Yes I will be back down there it's back into the rotation now. I just need to get my buddies down that way one of these days. It's worth the trip!!!!

By the way my top speed yesterday was 43.2 miles an hour, I was coasting! Yes that was exactly the mileage I road also... Kinda weird, I didn't notice that until I got home and was playing around on Strava. That's when I noticed it..... Weird!!

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