Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's All In The Attitude !!!!!!!!!!

Yep I left work and went straight to Beatty park. Last time I rode my mountain bike was at least a month ago so I was rather excited to get back in the woods! Plus I had my new tires to try out. They where great!

It's funny how you don't realize how bad you need new tires until you finally get new tires. I had theses tires laying in the garage for like 3 months before I finally changed them. Now I wished I had done it sooner. It made that much difference, especially in the front. It was hooking up better than it has in a long time. I was able to really dive into the turns a lot harder knowing it wasn't gonna wash out on me.

As I said, it's been over a month since I last rode the mountain bike and the first lap showed that. I really felt slow and out of it for the better part of the first 5 miles. Then it started to click, I got my rhythm back and started to get comfortable. Beatty isn't the hardest trail we have and last time I rode there I posted on here what a waste of time it was.

As the title says, "It's All In The Attitude". I guess being out of the woods for so long made me realize how much fun it is to be in the woods. Beatty only has about 250ft of climbing per lap and once you get your rhythm you can really roll around there! Back a few years ago when I was winning my sport race class there I was riding about 25 minute laps. Last night I rode 2 laps in an hour and 15 minutes.

That's with the new section and the first lap being kinda slow. So overall I am not that far off my old pace! I am close enough to make my no racing butt happy! Besides I am more in it for the fun now than I am racing ability. I will still line up for a few races this year but they will be the long races not the short ones.

Anyhow, point is I really enjoyed Beatty last night. The people who do all the work there may be a little over protective of the trail but what the hell they do the work! So I guess they have the right to be! I even found myself enjoying the short section with the man made obstacles that I have complained about in the past. They really are fun and I know they spent a lot of time building them so hats of to ya'.....

I actually look forward to going there again. It's only 4 miles from my office and it fun!!!! Now if I can get out tomorrow on the road bike this will turn out to be a good weekend!

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