Friday, February 7, 2014

Running and Plans ,,,,,,,,,,

Running around doing errands not running with my feet. So I head home and I am waiting for the sun to set before I hit the road, since I have time to kill I decide to do the errands. I go drop of the power bill, yes I could mail it but the power company is only 5 miles from the house so I always drop it off.

Plus the dog likes to ride so she goes with me. We get home from that and traffic is still kinda heavy so I run to Autozone and pickup some transmission fluid. Yep it still leaks but I am waiting for warmer weather before I tackle that. I don't park on the concrete pad, that way I don't worry about the leak!

So after the dog and I got done with all that it was about 6:30. Now I am getting hungry and the wife has started dinner, the ride is starting to fall off the radar. We have really started to try to do better with our food choices and last night we were making grilled chicken chili. I was kinda excited to try it so I stayed and helped cook.

No ride.........

Anyhow the chicken chili was great! Everybody liked it except Chase, he settled for mac and cheese. After we ate I kinda felt guilty for not riding so I went ahead and got all my things together for today. As soon as I leave here I am heading to the trail. We have rain coming again tomorrow and the wife wants to do a few things so I plan to ride today and Sunday. I still haven't gotten in a very long road ride yet, so I hope that will happen.

My new tires are waiting for me to get them dirty so today is the day.........

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