Monday, February 3, 2014

A Good Day !!!!!!!!

So I just decided to let the bike rest Sunday. I slept in and had no intentions of riding at all. Yes it was about the best day we have had in weeks for riding but once in a while you just have to walk away. Plus the wife wanted to do something and I liked the sound of it so that's the way I went.

We got up and had coffee, I did my blog and we hit the road. As I made mention I needed a few things for the camper so we headed to Statesville. Yes there is a closer camper store but it's not open on Sunday. Besides we have the new convertible and a beautiful day! Why not enjoy the ride! We took our time and got up there and got what we needed, then came home.

Nothing fancy just a nice day out and about. It was the first time we have ridden with the top down all day and it was fun! No I didn't get sun burnt, but it could easily happen if you didn't prepare for it. Anyway while we were there we took the opportunity to check out all motor homes! Not really looking to buy one right now, but when the kids get a little older and gone we intend to buy one.

But for now it's fun to check them out. You can get about anything you want, or can afford! From linoleum flooring to tile to marble! Your choice!! The sky is literally the limit! They even have washer and dryer set ups in some of them! They are as close to an apartment on wheels as you can get.

On the way home we stopped and had a late lunch then hit the grocery store. It barely worked, but we managed to fit a hundred and ten dollars worth of groceries in the truck of a Mazda Miata! It was full but we made it work! What a great family car!

Now we settle in and watch it rain for the next few days. The bike is resting and it will be there when I am ready to ride..

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