Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Working My Way Though It...........

My list! That's what i am working through. Oil, done, new tires, done. Half ass lube job, done. I took the mountain bike to the car wash last night and cleaned it up. Then back home and I greased the hubs and changed the tires.

I did grease everything but the bottom bracket. All the cables got some love and it's shifting really smooth now. As far as the tires go they went great. I set them up tubeless and they took the very first time. You can tell the quality of tires really fast when you start changing over to tubeless. I have set up some tires before and sealant was coming through the sidewall as soon as you put air in them. Yes they would seal but it took some work and keeping your eye on them.

I am using Michelin tires this time, I have used them before and had great luck with them so why not try them again. I had Schwalbe tires on it before and I swear I couldn't keep air in them. The Kenda tires before them where just as bad. I had to put air in them every time I wanted to ride. That's not necessarily a bad thing, running tubeless you tend to expect that.

But when you can pump them up the first time and they are the same pressure 12 hours later, that's a good sign!

Now my list is down to car related stuff. My parts have all came in so it looks like that will be the plan this weekend. As long as it's not bone cold. I will be changing parts and doing brakes. That's if a ride doesn't get in the way.

Tonight we have church and tomorrow night will be a night ride! Again, if it's not to cold. I must be a wuss these days. The weather is really starting to dictate what I do......

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