Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just Knowing ,,,,,,,,,,,

Knowing I have all my stuff and I am going riding, that makes today a good day and I haven't even done anything yet. I like days like this!

It's to cold to ride on the road so I am heading to the woods. I want to tryout the new tires, plus I just haven't been riding enough. The weather just isn't cooperating, damn cold! the farmers almanac said it was gonna be a cold winter and they where dead on! My "old wives tells" of snow predictions didn't come true. Which annoys me!

My sleds are never gonna get used! We had the thunder and then we had the ring around the moon. Between those two we should of had snow! A lot of snow! But not, maybe we will still get something but for now we wait.

I told my buddy last night we might as well suck it up, the cold weather is here to stay. If you want to, play you gotta pay. It could be worse.....

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