Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wait A Minute !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not a mechanic! Just a wrench turner. There is a difference, big difference. I can get shit done but only because I have too. Not because I want to!

So I had to wrench on my new bike, mainly adjustments and the like nothing major. Plus my mountain bike is needing some love, it's dirty and needs new tires and a good lube job. Not just a chain lube but everything greased type deal.

Last night I decided to do the oil on the truck and blazer. I got the truck done and pulled the blazer in the garage and started on it. I get underneath it and find I have an oil leak some where. OK, I start looking and searching to see what I can find and it seems to be coming from the radiator area. Like where the oil lines or transmission lines come into it.

Do you realize how much stuff is gonna need to be moved to get to where I need to be, a bunch! Plus I need new front brakes. Plus I have the new throttle body coming for the truck and the spacer laying on the work bench.

Total take: Red truck needs the throttle body and spacer installed. Got the oil changed last night.

Blazer needs the oil leak fixed and new brakes. It got the oil changed last night.

Mountain bike needs a full service and new tires installed.

Road bike just needs ridden!

I hate having a list of shit to do..............

Especially when all I want to do is play.......... Damn life gets in the way sometimes.......

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