Monday, January 20, 2014

Finally ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

After almost a full week I "Finally" got out! The wind was still blowing like crazy but I didn't care. I wanted to ride.I only managed 32 miles but damn I had fun. My ass just couldn't take the new seat.

I even said that the other day, I knew I would try it anyway just because I like the looks of it. It matches the bike. Guess what it doesn't match my ass. I could have ridden a lot farther if not for the comfort factor.

Now for the bike! The gearing is spot on! I couldn't believe how that worked out. I can stay in the top chain ring and roll. I don't think I even went to the lower ring, at least not where I went riding. I only had 700 feet of climbing for a 32 mile ride. I wanted a flatter rolling ride to get used to the gears.

Guess what the shifters work great. I have no complaints! As I said the other day, I like the SRAM products on my mountain bikes so i figured they would work good. I just needed to try them a few rides. I thought the front derailleur was gonna rub, it only has one click available on the front and not two like a Shimano.

Guess what I never even noticed! It never rubbed, not even once.

As far as the bike itself! Cannondale nailed it with this aluminum frame, it's the smoothest riding bike I have ever ridden. We have a lot of secondary roads with the chip seal pavement. It smoothed them right out. I never experienced any numbness in my hands, not even once. The only thing that hurt was my ass.

To cure that I came home and swapped out my seat for the Brooks saddle. Then put my computer on and it's all legit now. Of course I should have done all that before I even did the first ride, but hell I always like to do the first ride with the basics.

Overall, it's gonna be a fun bike. Thanks to Bud at Revolution bike shop and Cannondale i am hooked up..................

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