Thursday, January 30, 2014

Still Standing ,,,,,,,,,,

In the corner of the garage, my sleds are "Still Standing". Yes we had the snow storm of 2014, you might have seen the mess Atlanta had. It was enough to make a mess and that was about it. I even stayed home for the day, we weren't doing anything at work so why not. Yet we didn't have enough snow for sledding.

The hill was green! I even went over first thing in the morning to check. The only thing covered was the roads, I ended up taking the wife to work and then we went to Autozone. Messed around there and came home. Then Cody worked on the 4-wheeler while I cleaned the Miata.

We did go up to the trucking company to say hi and borrow a few tools from Bryan, the mechanic. We have narrowed down the problem to something in the electrical system. Tonight he is gonna come over and see if he can trace down the problem. It's always nice to have a full time mechanic living next door! He used to work at the local Honda dealer for several years before he started working on big trucks. He's my ace in the hole!

I tear everything down and do all the tedious work and he comes over and does the fine tuning. Then I put it all back together. Works out well! Plus it's easier on my wallet with me doing all the small stuff. Maybe this will be the last thing we have to fix. I have my fingers crossed!!!

I guess that will be it for the snow this year. It seems like we get one or two snows and that's it. Maybe the next one will be a blizzard!! Got to hope for something......

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