Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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They must have left out a page! That's what I told Cody as we were taking the damn throttle body back off the truck. Yes the one we had just changed. The reason for doing twice as much work as necessary, was the fact the directions sucked! First of all the throttle body was just a stock replacement. No problems there.

The problem was the fact we were trying to install the throttle body spacer, an aftermarket product. From the start the directions where a little off but we keep moving. I was letting Cody do most of the work as I stood around and supervised. About the time he had the new throttle body bolted to the top of the spacer and intake I noticed there was no way the air intake was gonna fit back on top.

So a quick check and sure enough, not enough room! What the hell! No where in the directions did it say we would need to use a new air intake system. Guess what! That's the only way it's gonna work! So we undid all the work we had just done and then put it back together. I got the new throttle body installed but we still need to do it again after the new air system comes in. When it's all said and done the truck will have an additional 25-30 horsepower.

Plus the extra torque, and that's why I am doing this. When I pull the camper I need all the extra power I can get! Plus it's paid for and I damn sure don't want a new truck, or payment!

Just for reference, the list is coming down! Now that I am a full fledged mechanic I am on a roll. Brakes are done, oil changed, in both the truck and Blazer. Bike has been serviced and ridden "a little". About the only thing left is the oil leak on the Blazer! Once that's done I can claim victory......

At least until the new air system comes in. Then I will have more shit to do!!!!!!!

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