Thursday, January 16, 2014

Score !!!!!!!!!!

It came in and all the parts where there! I picked up my new bike yesterday on the way home from work. I now am the proud owner of a CAD 10 Cannondale bicycle. With SRAM double tap shifters. Might not mean much to you but I am flat happy!

It's black yellow and shiny! The best part is it's mine. I have wanted a nice road bike for a while now and have been trying to convenience my self I didn't need one. Now I have it and I can't wait to ride. It's gonna be a high of 40 Saturday and I will be out. My new Poogies (fancy ass gloves) fit this bike just right!

Matter of fact it's sitting in the living room right now. Nothing like shiny new furniture, the wife just shakes her head but she even likes it. She likes the colors! Last night I brought it home and brought it in the house and just left it there. Tonight I will start making adjustments so it will fit me just right.

Then I know I will make the mistake of trying the factory seat even though it ain't gonna work. I started using a Brooks seat years ago and I know it's perfect. Yet like a train wreck I will still try the new seat just because it looks good. You never know it might be the perfect seat! Even if I know the results already.

It looks like we are in for another week of cold weather. Next week the highs are only gonna be in the 40's. So bundle up! It's gonna be a long week.

Oh yea, we missed the snow storm last night....... The only reason I am not mad is I have a new bike........

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