Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Holding Out Hope ,,,,,,,,,,,

With the sun shinning and the temps dropping I am holding out hope! They are still calling for a front to move through in a few more days so that's gonna be my chance. Chance for snow.....

                 Yes I know that was my post yesterday so I will try not to dwell on it again but I am hopeful.

I did ride last night, I waited till 6:30 and then headed out. The temp was dropping but I was warm. I had my lights charged and my water bottles full. After a few miles I was out in the no traffic area's and enjoying the ride. The moon was full last night and several times I turned off my lights and just rode along. It's always fun to ride at night, I enjoy being out in the dark and by myself. People give you plenty of room and you know they think your crazy for riding at night.

I put in a solid 25 miles and that put me back at home. I am still waiting on my new bike to come in, that might happen today. I hope! I can't wait to see how the new gearing works out. Plus the new pedals. This will be the first time I have ridden real road bike specific pedals. I have always used mountain bike pedals.

I doubt this weekend will work out but I can't wait to head up to the mountains to try the bike out. We have a family gathering with all my wife's family Sunday so maybe next week. I did go ahead and book our trip for Asheville in April. The kids are on spring break and we never seem to go anywhere then so this year we are going on a trip.

I plan to do a lot of riding that week! Hopefully Cody will want to ride then too. I have my fingers crossed..

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