Friday, January 17, 2014

Hummmmmmmmmmmm ,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I got my bike and I brought it home. Night one I let it set in the living room and just stared at it. Yea that sounds weird but it's not. In my world that's kind of the norm. Night two rolled around and I decided it was time to make my adjustments. Make it where it fits me like I want it too.

So I adjust the stem and move the seat, I am all happy and thinking this is gonna be cool. I put it up in my bike stand and start going through the gears. It has the SRAM double tap shifters, they are new to me. So far I think they suck! But I will get back to them after a few rides. Gotta give them the benefit of doubt. I use SRAM on all my mountain bikes and love there stuff so hopefully I will come to like the road stuff.

Back to the gears..... As I said a few post ago I had them put the big cassette in the back. (it has the easy gears for the mountains) When we discussed this I asked if the stock derailleur would work. I was told it would work with a gear up to 28 tooth. So I start going through the gears and guess what! The shit don't work!

After a little investigating and counting teeth I figure out they put a 32 tooth on the back. I like the 32 and would like to keep it. IF IT WORKED! It don't. So as of this moment I have damn new bike that don't work.... With a ride planned for tomorrow. On my new bike!!!!!

The only way for this setup to work is change the derailleur and put a new chain on it. Or put the original cassette on it and ride it. Guess which I am going to do. After a call to the shop. Stay tuned for that.....

I haven't mentioned where I got it yet and I am glad I haven't. I like this shop and believe they will make it right, but until they do I won't mention them. If they do me right I will brag about them, if they give me a hard time I will never mention them. Or shop there again...........

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