Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ta, Da,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

OK, it's Saturday and I am good to go! Yes my shop came through with flying colors!!! I called them yesterday as soon as they opened and took my bike back at lunch. Bud was as awesome as he could have been! He had one of the young guys put my bike together the other day and he never checked it.

He changed the rear derailleur and put a longer chain on it. I have my 32 tooth rear big ring for the mountains and everything works perfect! Just like a new bike should. Believe it or not that gives me a final small gear of 34-32 almost 1 to1! For a category 4 type climb I need it!

Now for the shop. I bought my new bike at Revolution Bicycles in Weddington NC. Bud is the owner and a great guy. He opened the shop about a year ago, it's been tough. He is still there but he could always use  more traffic. The Charlotte area has about 10 too many bike shops. So it's been tough.

That was the main reason I bought my bike from his shop. Yesterday I knew he would make it right and I should have given him the benefit of the doubt before I said anything. But I was aggravated. For that I am sorry!

If you live anywhere around this area (Charlotte-Monroe) and you find yourself out his way stop in. Say hi, and buy something! The little guys can always use the help..........

Now next up will be a review of my new ride.... It's gonna be a high of 40 today and windy! What a great day for a ride...........

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