Monday, January 6, 2014

Fail !!!!!!!!

All dressed up and no place to go! That and "Fail" pretty much sums up my day yesterday. I sat around in the morning and finally decided the rain had to be over. I got a shower and got all my cold weather riding gear on and headed out the door.

I made it to the garage and the bottom fell out of the sky! Just like that it started to rain. No other warning, just boom and it was raining. I guess I could have considered the look of the sky a warning but when I want to ride I tend to ignore the obvious.

So back in the house and check the weather. A normal person might have done that before they started to get ready but I am not normal. All the weather channel did was confirm it was raining and gonna rain for awhile. So I sat around in all my clothes for about thirty minutes whining about the rain before I finally went and changed.

Then I got bored real quick and decided to fix the garage door. The auto open thing quit working about 2 years ago but it didn't really matter till I brought home Karen's new car. Now she wants to park it in the garage, and of course she doesn't want to get out every time and open the door  before pulling in.

Trying to nice and get her a car for Christmas and look what it's caused me! More work, and money! Yea' have you priced a new garage door opener lately! I go to Lowes and I can buy the whole new garage door opener, track chain everything for 180 and then a replacement remote will cost you 40 bucks by it's self!!!!!

So after a little grumbling about the remote I bought one and went home and programmed it and she's good to go.

No ride! A trip to Lowes, and a little beer and football. That pretty much finished my day.......

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