Tuesday, January 7, 2014

205 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Not the freeway either!!!!!!!! That's my magic number, last year I exercised 205 days out of 365! That includes swimming running and biking. I didn't bother to track which one I did which day so I don't know how many of each.

I know I only ran maybe 10-15 days at the most. That includes the Cooper River Bridge Run and the other hand full of foot races I did. I probably went fifty-fifty on the swimming and riding. Back at the first of last year I went through a spell of swimming just about everyday for a while. Then I got bored staring at the bottom of the pool and I haven't been in months.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the swimming but it just isn't my thing. Swimming is more of a solo type sport than a social type sport. In other words it's hard to talk when your under water! Running, it just sucks period! I tried to get into it a little back in the spring but just couldn't manage it. It's no fun. At least to me anyway. I can always say I ran the Cooper River Run but that's it. Plus I finished 2nd in my age group at a four mile run here in Charlotte.

Biking was recreational except for the Jerredon Mtn Challenge back in July. I managed to finish in the top 100 but that ain't saying much we only had 150 people in the race. The rest of my riding was all for fun.

Now for this year.... If I don't take up swimming again it might be kinda hard to match that number. "205" is a lot! So far out of the first 7 days I have ridden 3. With the weather it might be Saturday before I can get back out. Although a night ride could be in order over the next few days. It would be cold but fun.

I might try to add a few more races in the total this year. That figure kinda needs worked on.....

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