Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Ride............

After my post this morning I loaded up and went to Rocky River Trail. It was 28 degrees when I left and 33 when I got home! By far the coldest ride of the year..

The place was packed! When I got there a big group was fixing to start and here it is the coldest riding day of the year.

After yesterday and feeling like I was doing wrong! Here I am pulling in the parking lot and it already feels like it's gonna be a good ride! That's the way it should feel when you get to a trail!

I hit the woods and it was on! I made it in the woods before the group and did the first section then turned around and did the same section a second time. That way I would be coming up behind the group. Kind of like a carrot to chase down!

That's what I did, I caught them right about the time we reached the big climb, "no name". Yep that's the name of it! From there it was kick it to the parking lot! All said and done I spent just shy of 2 hours riding and enjoyed every minute of it!!!!

Now we get another rainy Sunday......

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