Friday, September 6, 2013

Why Not ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I might as well continue with my current "training" plan. I call it, enjoy the ride training. Best therapy I have found yet!

Cane Creek is going to get my attention again tomorrow. Solitude and beautiful weather. Perfect way to spend a day.

Last night was another soccer game and getting home late. Next week will be more of the same. I ain't gonna fuss about it though, this time next year the kid will be off at college some where and I will be wishing I had a game to go to.

We signed him up for the SAT last night and that was kind of a slap in the face that it's gonna happen! My oldest kid is gonna be gone before I know it! It seems like he just started middle school and now we are almost done with grade school altogether...

It makes me realize how fast it's gonna be over with Chase. He is in his last year of middle school now. Next year he's gonna be at the high school! I like having the kids around. We are gonna blink our eyes and he's gonna be going off!!!!

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