Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Creek !!!!!!

After spending 2 days riding Cane Creek I now have a new favorite place to ride. It seems kind of funny how that is the very place I did my first ride.

Now here I am 20 plus years later and I am right back where I started. The only difference is now you see nobody there. Even back in the day you didn't see a lot of people there. But now you sure don't see anyone.

Although I did see Scott Russ and his kid from Mojo Bike shop there this morning. That was kind of neat, we came around the corner and there they where. That's right "we", my buddy Robert who lives down that way met me there this morning.

Yesterday I was on my own. So my total for the weekend is 3 solid hours riding. I am not sure the mileage yet, I don't have a computer on my 29er and I haven't ridden the 26 since I did the race up in Pisgah 3 months ago.

It's a shame nobody makes use of the place.

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