Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Draw Back !!!!!!!!!!!

The only "Draw Back" I have found to all this alone riding time is the fact you just don't push yourself. As in I had two and a half hours to kill between work and Cody's soccer game last night. So I went riding...

The game was at West Stanley high School, from work and going to ride at Sherman Branch Trails. It kinda made a straight line. If I had gone home to Monroe and then headed to the game I would have really taken the long way. Plus it was a good reason to ride my

So I went and kinda kicked it, more like rolled with the flow. Meaning I spun the hills and hauled ass on the down hills and generally enjoyed the ride without working to hard. Now keep in mind even when I say I wasn't working to hard, I am still rolling faster than most average riders do. I can still pick it up when I need to.

So about halfway into the ride I decided to just stay at my pace and see where I am. End of the ride I had a time of :59 minutes. As I just recently talked about, I went through a spell where I was trying to kill it every time I rode. At that point I was like a minute or two at the most of my "race pace".

That time was :53 minutes. So if I push myself really hard and focus on nothing but going fast and smooth I am at :53. If I take my time and not even really breath hard my time will be around :59. Six minutes difference.

Over the course of 11.6 miles six minutes is a lot. But then again overall who really cares! That six minutes is pretty much irrelevant considering I have no intention of racing any time soon. Plus I had fun!!!

I need no other reason than that! I didn't even really break a good sweat.

Point is I guess I don't have the "blues", I am just enjoying riding my bike right now. It's just another phase I am going through. Sometimes I want to ride like I am possessed and other times I like to drag ass and enjoy it more..

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