Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Wheels and My Right Wrist ,,,,,,,,,

So I rode Cane Creek over the weekend and of course enjoyed it. We actually had a traffic jamb at one point. We came around a corner and ran into  2 horses and then another bike pulled up! Can't remember the last time that happened.

We knew the other rider was there, we had bumped into him on the other side of the park. He's a local who rides there also. Nice guy, his name was Roger. So we did both sides, everything once and headed home. I didn't have time to ride anymore than that and figured I would head out and make up for it on Sunday.

Sunday came and we did early church. Then went out for lunch and then home. It was such a beautiful day we headed out on the motorcycle! "Two Wheels and My Right wrist". So no biking. No making up the miles.

Do I care? Not really I do it for fun...

Besides on the motorcycle I can cover hundreds of miles not just short miles. Both have there pluses. One being the wife likes to ride the motorcycle. We headed down south and did the small town SC thing. She likes old houses, the kind you find in the old towns. The Victorian type houses.

You just don't see them in the big cities as much. They might be there but they are hard to find. So we got to see plenty. We even stopped at a few historical spots on the way home. That was different, we usually skip stuff like that. I guess we just wanted to take our time and that was a good reason to stop.

Need to do that more often...........

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