Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time...What Is That ????????

Sometimes I wonder! It seems I don't have much time for myself this year. Now that school has started we are going every direction possible. Last night we went to Sun Valley High School for a soccer game and when it came time to go my mom couldn't find the exit to the parking lot!

I happened to park on the outside of the lot and she had parked on the inside. As I was leaving I noticed she was riding around in circles looking for the exit. I just laughed! So far this year that kinda sums up how much we have been going.

Work is just an after thought. I just do it because it's part of the schedule.

Take this week for instance, we have 2 soccer games and then football Friday night. Saturday we have another beauty pageant to go to and I have inventory this week also. That leaves Tuesday and Thursday to ride and then Sunday.

As I have said before, with this being Cody's senior year I don't want to miss anything! Next year it's gonna be tough! Even Chase will miss him...

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