Thursday, September 26, 2013

No Excuse ,,,,,,,,,

That's my excuse for missing yesterdays post. None at all! I just simply forgot, and no we weren't busy. Actually we were really slow. With the rain we had it seemed to kill everything. Hopefully today will be better, so before it gets to busy I thought I would go ahead and write.

Although I don't have much to write about. We had another soccer game last night and I haven't been on a bike since Saturday. I did work on one the other night but no ride. I don't even feel guilty either! I will get in plenty of riding over the next 20 years.

I am resting my legs, that's the way I look at it.

Plus it being Thursday I am usually planning my weekend by now. Which I am but it looks like the bike might take a back seat to the rest of my plans. We had a good time riding the motorcycle Sunday and I want to go again. I have inventory Friday and Saturday this week so that kills Saturday morning for me. I can probably get a ride in the afternoon but that would be it.

We already have plans for Saturday evening. Sunday I want to ride the motorcycle. This time of year it's great for that. Plus the wife enjoys it, that right there is a good reason to go. I still have 2 weeks before my mountain trip so now is a good time to make the wife happy. I will be gone for 4 days drinking beer and riding my bike so the legs will get plenty of action.

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