Monday, September 9, 2013

Back Track ,,,,,,

So last night as I tried to show interest in the start of the new NFL season I sat there and entered a blog instead. I guess I just need a week or 2 before I can really get into it yet. It just doesn't seem like it should be here yet. It was 90 plus degrees yesterday.

So yea I spent my weekend in the woods riding my bike and basically enjoying myself. But that's not all I or we did. We had a great weekend! Friday night I came home from work and the wife and my youngest kid and I headed to the Friday night local high school football game.

My oldest son is the mascot this year! Yea, my kid is wearing the panther suit and running around like a goofball all night. The little kids love him and he makes the adults laugh. I couldn't believe how many people stopped him to have there picture taken. Adults included!

There was probably 1500 people there at least, and he never missed a beat. I don't know if I could have done that with a mask or not! He was even down front dancing with the cheer leaders..

My kid!!!

Karen and I laughed like crazy....

Anyway, I don't know what you do on Friday night but that was well worth the price of admission. We paid 6 bucks per person and you can go to the concession stand with taking out a loan, and the football was really good too. The team managed to win on a late scoring drive. That was the topper to the whole evening.

Besides that it's like a freakin' high school reunion for my wife. She knows everybody there! Plus with all the kids playing sports together since t-ball you know everybody there. It's really pretty fun! We are definitely going to be there this coming Friday night.

With sports becoming such a money deal it's hard to beat a good Friday night high school football game. We spent 18 to get in and maybe 10 on concessions. Saw a ton of friends and family, my wife is related to half of the county! Didn't have to pay to park and were home by 10:30..

Nuff' said........

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