Thursday, September 19, 2013

One Problem Solved.......

Problem number 1. What to do with my full suspension bike? I gave it to my youngest son! I got home yesterday and Chase walked through the living room and it dawned on me right then. What to do with the 26in.

Chase is almost as tall as I am now and all I would need to do is lower the seat. He doesn't ride that much anymore but maybe that will help him start riding more. He seemed to like the ideal and he has never ridden or owned a full suspension bike so now is the perfect time.

Plus his Cannondale hard tail is to small for him now.

Want to buy a bike?

As far as my other problem, weather or not to buy me another bike yet. Well that can wait awhile. I might upgrade my wheels and a few other things on my current bike. The frame is brand new, and it's really light anyway, so why not keep it. It's a Cannondale also and has the lefty front fork.

For a medium 29er hard tail with middle of the road wheels and components it only weighs 24 pounds now! Put a nice set of wheels on it and drop another pound or 2 it will be spot on.

I just hope the kid wants to ride more !!!!!!!!!!!!

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