Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moving On ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As I said yesterday I hadn't ridden the 26in mountain bike since July. Honestly I hadn't even thought about the bike since the last time I had ridden it. Then I moved it and decided to ride it.

I had ridden the 29er for the last few months, and I kinda quite fussing about it. I felt like every time I rode the 26 I was faster. Last night I rode it and I was slow. I couldn't carry my momentum and it just seemed like I was riding in quick sand!

It was terrible!  I think I am now a 29er convert. It happened over night and without me even realizing it. One day I am happy and feel fast on the 26, the next day I am happy and fast on the 29. How that happened I am not sure. I bought the bike right at 2 years ago and I swear I never really liked it.

Until last night! 

Again, I have been on it and nothing else for the last 2 months. Before I would always ride it one day and then the 26 the next. I guess I never gave it a good chance. For the last few months I have been riding Cane Creek so much and it being so wide open. I take the 29er every time.

Well last night I found I was missing it. The 26 sucked!

Now for the big problem!

Yes this has created a problem...

If I am now converted, 1st what do I do with my 26.. 2nd do I now want a nicer 29er hard tail, and of course am I gonna buy a full suspension 29er?

This sucks...............

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