Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day Off ,,,,,,,

I normally get to ride both days on the weekend and then slip in a night or two during the week. So when I get out three days in a row I feel like I got over on someone!

I have soccer games today and Thursday so last night I hit the trails on the way home. Then I get home and the wife had a busy day so she hadn't even got home from work yet.


That ride didn't even count! As far as she knows I had been home and busy around the house. When she got home I was in the pool enjoying the water. When I heard her pull up I grabbed the skimmer and acted like I had been working on cleaning the pool! Perfect...

That's the best part about my job if you ask me. The hours. I come in at 7am and I get out of here at 4pm. Kinda like being in high school. Chase only beats me home by about 30 minutes. So if I leave work 10 minutes early and go straight to the trail I can get in a full hour lap at Sherman Branch and be home before 6pm.

So if I am home before the wife, bingo ride doesn't count!!!!!

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