Friday, August 2, 2013

Time ,,,,,,,,,

I wish I had more! But I don't! So enjoy what ya' got. last night I put my new tires on and managed to poke a hole in the tube as I was putting it together. Damn!

Haven't done that in awhile. So I take it back apart and do it again. As I am mounting the wheel on the bike I be damned if it didn't go flat again! What the hell I managed to put a hole in both tubes as I was putting it together.

Now I have one tube left and two brand new tubes with holes in them! I haven't done that in years much less screwed up two tubes in one session.

Finally I got the third attempt to work out! Now I am out of tubes. Another trip to the shop, damn. That will cost another hundred dollars.....

Oh well time well spent..........

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