Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grocery Shopping !!!!!!!!!!!

With a wheel fix. Plus they had a discount table set up. All that equals disaster on my wallet. I went to the shop to get my wheel fixed and get a few items for on the bike food.

Gel shots-chomp blocks-honey stinger waffles. That was what I wanted, then I turned around and found the discount table. I ended up with 3 new pairs of gloves and all my food items. Hundred dollar bill up in smoke!

I actually left proud of myself. There where several items on the table I really would have liked to have had. I could have made use of the one pull over for sure. I still might go back for the Cannondale beanie. I kinda wished I would have gotten it already.

As I put my wheel back together last night I kept thinking about it. Now I need a new tire and I will be on the road. I think the rain will be gone today so I should be able to get out. I know the woods will be to wet so road it is. I need the miles.

I know I am gonna put in a few miles this weekend so now I am gonna start working on nutrition as I ride. The longer rides are gonna require a little more effort in that area. I never worried about it before but if I am gonna pay the higher entry fee's I am gonna try my best...

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