Saturday, August 17, 2013

Parkway Ped'lin .........

yesterday the kid and I took off and headed for a ride. I could get used to riding up here very quick. I didn't realize how small of town Ashville really is. We pretty much pedaled around the whole south side of town and through town all on a 30 mile ride!

We left the campground and headed south on 191, got to the parkway (Blue Ridge Parkway) and went north. We went about 12 miles on the parkway till we got to highway 70, Tunnel Rd. We took it back into downtown and went right through the heart of town and came out the other side. Then straight back up Sand Hill Rd and S. Bear Creek to the campground.

Thirty miles and lots of smiles! The traffic around here is really used to bikes and even coming through town we had no problems. That wouldn't have happened in Charlotte. I would have never pedaled through the heart of Charlotte like that. Maybe I am just not used to riding in Charlotte, I don't know but from my experiences that wouldn't have been a good ideal.

Anyhow we go home tomorrow and I will miss this place! I am already trying to figure out when we can come back!!!

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