Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Back...................

Weather or not I want to be I am. It always seems to fly by. You get vacation days, you take them and then bam! The days are over! It seems like you wait a lot longer than it takes to use them. I am beginning to think for everyday you get it takes ten to get that one.

But never fear I will take another vacation before long. It looks like that will be around the end of Sept. Yes we have Labor Day coming up but no plans to go anywhere. We might slip up to Saluda that weekend but that would be it. And that's not set in stone, that will be a last minute thing.

So for the break down on this one it goes as follows. Ashville is really great, we thoroughly enjoyed out time there and do want to go back. The city is really trendy and neat. They have street performers everywhere and the downtown is really neat. It's got everything right there within walking distance and seemed to be really safe.

At no point did I every feel like we where in a spot that was in anyway sketchy. I want to say overall the area, the city and out laying area's are really clean! I guess the people in general are a little more conscience of there surroundings. Even my son made the comment about the overall lake of litter.

That says a lot about the area, or a lot about the Charlotte area! My take is the fact we need to clean up our area! The amount of litter is really noticeable when you come from somewhere that seems to care more about it.

We never did make it to Turtleback Falls as planned, it was just a little to cold. Biltmore was as great as ever. We spent a seven hour day there and it really didn't seem that long. I could go there 5 times and see 5 different things! It really is an amazing place.

We stayed at Bearcreek Campground and will stay there again. It was the absolute cleanest campground we have ever stayed at! Every spot for a camper was paved and level. It took a matter of minutes to set up the camper. I was truly impressed with how they kept the place. It makes the places at the beach seem rather dirty!

The camper is still the ticket! It's just so nice to be able to cook and everything right there. It's still worth every dime we spent on it!

Cody and I got to ride the parkway and that was really neat. I am always glad to spend time with my son and enjoy new experiences with him. He starts his senior year of high school next week and it won't be long before life takes him on his own journey. I know to him it seems like life moves so slow but to me it seems like we just had him yesterday!

My younger son and I enjoyed some quality time together as well. He and I seemed to take a walk about every evening and I enjoyed the time with him as well. He is growing up really fast and it's neat to watch. He starts his last year of middle school next week.

So I guess we are wrapping this summer up. Heck we even start soccer today! Cody has his first game if the weather doesn't kill it.....

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