Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why Not.............

So I haven't been to or ridden in a race since we went to Sumter SC back in January. As I have already been over a few times Cody just doesn't seem all that interested this year and I sure ain't going by myself!

So that changed last night! I signed up for the Jerdon Mtn. Challenge. That's the race 30 miles long the day before ORAMM. Or Off-road Assault on MT. Mitchell... Last year I went with Kelly and Chris and rode part of the course for ORAMM, I wanted to do it this year but I messed around and didn't get signed up.

So they talked me into the next best thing. At least for me it's the next best thing. 30 miles and  4000 feet of climbing is better than 65 miles and 11000 feet of climbing.

We are gonna go up Friday and spend the weekend. I will get my race on Saturday and then Sunday I will  get to do some premo riding! It's gonna be fun!

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