Monday, July 8, 2013

Good Rides !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so I had plans for my ride when I wrote my blog Friday. Then Kelly texts me and my plans changed. He wanted to ride early Saturday and I have ridden so much lately by myself I figured what the hell.

So went home and enjoyed the half day off and did nothing, I figured I would need all my legs Saturday. I was right! We meet at 8am in Unionville and headed off. He wanted to show  me a new 50 mile loop he has been doing lately.

By the time we parted ways we had 53 miles and a 17.9 avg. spd. 3 hours on the bike and 3000 ft of climbing! Not bad! My legs where a little tired but overall I felt good. We had went from Unionville around through the country and popped out in Stanfield. From there we did an extra 10 mile loop out there and then back to Unionville.

That was a good ride. Then to back it up I did a short 30 mile ride on the flat side of hwy.74 yesterday. That gave me a total of 120 plus road miles since Thursday. Not a bad total....

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