Monday, July 1, 2013

What The Hell !!!!!!!!!!

OK, time for a little rant!

Why the hell does everybody think you are to old to play and have fun. Yes I have had a little bad luck. I busted my ass twice within the last few months and yea it hurts. First I did my shoulder and had to take a few weeks off from that.

It healed and I promptly crashed again! This time I cracked my hand and a few ribs.

Guess what?

It will heal!!

Just so you can keep up, I will go head and warn you.

It will happen again!!!!!!

But because it happens doesn't mean I should just quit riding. I have had so many people tell me "I am to old for this" that I am about to slap someone.

It must really suck to be you! That's what I want to start telling people!

Even with my busted up ass I still rode 55 miles Saturday and 25 yesterday. Mowed the yard and even did the weed eating. Played with the dog and hung out with the kids. This week I plan to go hiking and more road riding.

As soon as I can hold on to the handlebars I will be back in the woods on my mountain bike! Guaranteed...

I don't know what people think you are supposed to do when you get older but I am gonna be doing the same thing I am now!

Playing as hard as I can....................

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