Monday, July 1, 2013

Knock'em Out !!!!!!!!!!

Mile after mile after mile! I keep "Knock'em Out", yep I rode the roads all weekend. Saturday I went out for a really long ride, I wanted to see what was going on down in Waxhaw.

All I hear about is the fact that there are like a thousand bikes riding the roads every weekend in the Waxhaw area. So out the driveway I went and south was the destination.

Guess what! It's true, I saw or passed at least 200 bike riders. I couldn't believe it, everywhere I went I kept meeting them. I went straight down hwy 75 to Waxhaw and then worked my way back toward Cane Creek.

From there I came back to Mineral Springs and Stonebridge Golf Course. Then back to Monroe, for a total of 55 miles. One of my longest rides of the year.

It's funny, I spend most of my time riding the area around my house, Unionville and south of Monroe down toward Pageland. I hardly ever see any bikes and then I go down toward Waxhaw and I find a thousand people riding. That was really neat! You get lost in your own little world and you just don't realize just how many people do ride.

I might try to find a group and ride with them this coming Saturday. One of the guys I met at the store said they all meet at some school down there and ride at 8am every week. I might try to be more social.....

That would definitely be different for me....

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