Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Plans Change ,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I milked the kid for some free labor just for the sole purpose of freeing up my time. It worked! It worked so well I had time for a mountain bike ride! So after I took the wife to pick-up her car from the tire store I loaded the car and headed to Sherman Branch.

The last time I was there I broke my hand and ribs. Then we had all the rain and I have been sticking to the road bike. So I loaded up the 29er and headed that way.

First off, all the people who feel Sherman is the sweetest trail here in Charlotte must not ride it that much. Because now that we have had like 2 years worth of rain in the last month and it has been closed so much. The trails are as rough as any trail in Charlotte! They are terrible!

Put it this way, I just rode 35 miles in the Pisgah National Forest and my hand did not hurt! At all! I rode 2 laps at Sherman last night and my hand is killing my today!

So now I know I will be back on the road bike tonight. I have no choice.

Yesterday I said all I need now was to find another race. I think I have, I want to do the Swank 65 in November. It's another big race in the NC mountains. "Pisgah Proper" as the locals call it. There might be a local race of some sort I can do between now and then but that is gonna be my big goal. I want to ride a full ORAMM style event.

So far I have only done the 30 miler, I want to get up to the 65 mile mark! Then next year I want to do all the events in the mountains I can handle. So we'll see. Because of my new ambition I think I might need a new bike.

I am starting to look at the all mountain stuff..... 5 inches of travel baby. I want to take advantage of the down hills..........

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