Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back To The Road ...............

I have the kid mowing the yard today and if the weather stays right I will be back on the road bike after work. Time to start training! For what? No ideal at this point, but something has to come up.

Now that I am a seasoned pro at the endurance racing stuff I need to start getting ready for the first thing I come across, just kidding! Total novice at this stuff! Packing drop bags for the check point's was a first for me.

I know I have done one stupid race and that's it. But it made me stop and think. It hadn't even raced in almost 6 months and prior to the 2 races I did over the winter it had been about 2 years! As I sit here I honestly don't remember when prior to last December.

Yes I had a string of bad luck and then Cody started playing soccer and had his knee problem. When he tore his knee apart that was kinda of the end of racing. As I have said before "if the kids weren't racing, I wasn't going".

Well now that we are into Cody's senior year of high school and he is back at soccer and Chase has no interest in bike racing maybe I need to look at it a little different.

I miss racing.

I just think I need to do a different type of racing! I think I am just tired of cross country racing. Looking back I have done the 24 Hr Burn on a team and the Tree Shaker race as a team, both of which I had a blast at. The point is all of the endurance races, I really enjoyed.

The last few cross country races, not so much!

I just need to find my next race.............

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