Friday, July 26, 2013

Maybe I Need To Commit !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I brought my 29er' hard tail mountain bike with me to work and headed to the trails as soon as I was off. As I started this week my first post was about how bad I think I suck. That thought has been bugging me all week. So I decided I would test myself.

Three years ago when I was racing the local summer series and winning the sport class I knew I was pretty fast. I also knew what  times we were turning at various trails we raced on so I went to the one closest to my office. The winning time for my class was 1 hour and 2 to 3 minutes.

So I went and did the race loop. Guess what? I was pretty much right on pace! I did the first lap at race speed and then said this sucks! Second lap was a little slower, as in I didn't go near as hard. I ended up 4 minutes slower than the winning time would be, and I swear I went really easy the second lap.

So maybe I am not as bad as I thought! I just need to learn how to pace myself for the long races.

Now for the commit part!

I either need to ride the 29er' or ride the 26in. I swear it takes me forever to get used to either one of them every time I ride. Switching between the 2 just ain't working out!

See ya Monday............

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