Monday, July 29, 2013

This Is Weird !!!!!!!!!

Saturday I meet Glen at Rock Rest elementary school south of Monroe for a road ride. He hasn't been down this way in awhile so I was kinda looking forward to having the company. Hell I even got up and was there ready to ride at 7am! That doesn't happen often.

So anyhow we headed south and even rode a few gravel roads. I made a wrong turn once or twice but we were never very far of course. We made a pit stop in Pageland and then headed back north toward the cars. About five miles into the return trip I had a spoke pop.

First time I ever had a spoke pop on the road bike. It was on the back wheel and as soon as it popped the wheel warped so bad it wouldn't even fit through the brake caliper! I had to stop and loosen the caliper where I had no brakes on the back. No big deal, I just took it a little easier and made it back to the truck.

That was Saturday.

Then Sunday came and after I got home from church I was a little bummed out. All the whining this summer about the road bike and how I am not a big fan of it, I found I was missing it! I have it all taken apart and can't ride it, now I want to!

We had a big rain storm Saturday afternoon so all the trails around here where closed. I didn't feel like driving for 45 minutes to get to either Cheraw or Uhwarrie so I ended up pouting all afternoon and doing nothing. I cleaned the pool and the wife's car but that was about it.

Funny how things change, I used to hate the road bike and now it seems to be my go to bike for a quick ride. I have ridden the local trails for so long I would rather ride the road than load up and head to the trails. Especially if I have to drive for an hour and a half round trip.

Now if we are going to the mountains..... That's a different story.............

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