Thursday, July 11, 2013

$40 Bucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worth every dime!

We are gonna change gears today and talk about something totally different than my sorry state of cycling. Today we are gonna talk about an experience the kid and I had!

You see I bought him a four wheeler a few months ago, he thought at the time he couldn't live without it. Well he has ridden it and played and had a good time riding it. But not as much fun as he thought he would. So now we are thinking about selling it and finding an old truck of some sort to restore.

A project that he and I and his brother could play on. So he managed to put it on craigslist and somehow he hooked up with a guy who had a 1976 Ford F100 short bed truck he wanted to trade. Cody being 17 years old was all for it! Me being the dad and 45 had my doubts!

So we spent "$40 Bucks" to drive to Gastonia and look at the truck. As I expected it was not gonna happen! I looked it over from top to bottom and found my four wheeler is a whole lot nicer than a 1700 dollar truck! I opened the passenger door and the first thing I saw was a funnel and a oil can.

Not a good thing to leave in the floor if you want to sell a vehicle! I laughed out loud on that one. Basically everything he had said in his add was a little skewed to the exaggeration side of things. I pointed out all the items that where in total fail mode and he understood. I honestly don't think the poor old truck would have made it back to Monroe!

I know we are not gonna find a totally restored truck for the price range we are in but I know we can find one at least road worthy. The kid learned a lot last night and it was well worth the 40 in gas we spent to go back and forth.

I am proud of the kid for showing an interest in trying to do something different and I can't think of a better way to spend the evening than riding around and chatting with my kid.

We did make an offer on the truck but sure didn't like it. I offered him 500 cash, I figured I could have sold it for scrap and at least made a few hundred dollars. We shook hands and went home.

Speaking of home and kids, Chase my youngest one will be home from church camp tomorrow afternoon. I am getting excited, we miss him! Even Cody has made the comment more than once that it doesn't seem right without Chase around.............

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