Monday, June 24, 2013

We Made It !!!!!!!!!!!

One more family vacation in the books. The big one of 2013 is history! The kids played and rode the wheels of the golf cart, and Karen and I did a lot of walking. Ain't quit figured out why I allow them to have the golf cart when I pay for it but it is what it is.

If we needed it we had it, but most of the time the kids get to play. The truck did fine pulling the camper and the trip went by way to fast. Now it's  right back to work. Like I never left. The only light I see is the next vacation coming in the middle of August.

The weather was pretty good, we all got a little to much sun and I drank a lot of beer! Life is good. We got home Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of the weekend unpacking.

Of course yesterday I hit the woods for a mountain bike ride and promptly busted my ass! Yep, over the bars I went! I knew when I left the truck I didn't have enough air pressure and sure enough that was my downfall! The front tire washed out and I hit the ground.

Now I will be on the road bike for an extended period of time. I broke my hand! Two bones in the back of my hand are now cracked. My hand is swollen so tight the skin looks like it could bust! The doc in a box said there isn't much they can do. If they where completely broken instead of cracked I would need surgery.

Since they are only cracked, which I am glad I don't need surgery. I just have to wait till it heels on it's own. The projected time off of the mountain bike 6 weeks!!!!!!

Road bike if I can stand it. Which I can, I just can't take the rough riding on my hand, it will never heel..

By the time I get back in the woods it will be the end of summer, or the end of July anyway.....

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